Welcome to REXA Technology

REXA Technology (REXA) is a US-based company offering consulting services to the oil and gas industry worldwide and primarily in South Korea.


REXA is specialized in the following areas:


Refinery Real Time Optimization (RTO) 


ü  H2 Network 

ü  Utility Balances - Steam, Fuel, and Power


Process Conceptual Design


ü   Determining Preferred Configuration and Capacity

ü   Preparing Preliminary Yields Accounting

ü   Establishing Overall Utility Requirements

ü   Developing Preliminary Operating and Investment Costs


Project Feasibility Study


ü   Determining Preliminary Design for Non-Licensed Units

ü   Obtaining Updated Yield and Preliminary Design for Licensed Units

ü   Establishing Investment Cost Analysis


Front End Engineering Design (FEED)


ü   Developing Engineering Design Package

ü  Defining the Scope of Work and Role & Resposibility Matrix

ü  Develop Project Execution Plan and Schedule

ü  Estimation of Totaled Installed Cost Needed for EPC Projects  

                                 Providing Advance Process Technology and Know-how to Oil and Gas Industry in South Korea

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